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This Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder (SSMIS) data product is produced as part of NASA's MEaSUREs Program. Remote Sensing Systems generates SSMIS data product using a unified, physically based algorithm to simultaneously retrieve ocean wind speed (at 10 meters), atmospheric water vapor, cloud liquid water, and rain rate. This algorithm is a product of 20 years of refinements, improvements, and verifications.

The RSS SSMI geophysical dataset consists of data derived from observations collected by SSMIS instruments carried onboard the DMSP series of polar orbiting satellites.

Remote Sensing Systems performs a detailed processing of SSMIS instrument data in two stages. The first stage produces an interim product (identified by "rt" within the file name) which we make available as soon as possible, generally within hours of when the data are recorded. This product can contain geolocation errors and erroneous brightness temperatures inherent in the data supplied to us. These errors are removed and better ice flagging is performed by the final processing stage, usually completed within 15 days of the intial product. The final product replaces the interim product automatically, with the "rt" designation in the file name changing to "v7".

The SSM/I & SSMIS Pathfinder data products include the daily geophysical data and time-averaged data as follows:

  • daily (orbital data mapped to 0.25 degree grid, data overwritten by later data);

  • 3-day (average of 3 days ending on file date);

  • weekly (average of 7 days ending on the Saturday file date);/p>

  • monthly (average of all data within month).

Source: http://www.ssmi.com/ssmi/ssmi_description.html