Special Sensor Microwave/Imager NASA Measures Program (Daily)

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Used orbital data mapped to 0.25 degree grid, data overwritten by later data.

The daily files consist of SSM/I or SSMIS geophysical products mapped to a regular grid complete with data gaps between orbits. Two maps exist for each parameter, one of ascending orbit segments and the other of descending orbit segments. Data on each of the segment maps are overwritten at both the high latitudes where successive orbits cross and at the "seam" or region where the last orbit of the day overlaps the first orbit of the day. Daily data files contain a time data set consisting of the time (in minutes UTC) of the data within that cell.

Each binary data file consists of ten 0.25 x 0.25 degree grid (1440,720) byte maps. For daily files, five local morning (descending, except F08) maps in the following order, Time (T), 10 meter Surface Wind Speed (W), Atmospheric Water Vapor (V), Cloud Liquid Water (L), and Rain Rate (R), are followed by five local evening (ascending, except F08) maps in the same order.

The daily maps are stored by instrument in appropriate year and month subdirectories.

The RSS SSMI geophysical dataset consists of data derived from observations collected by SSM/I and SSMIS instruments carried onboard the DMSP series of polar orbiting satellites.

Source: http://www.ssmi.com/ssmi/ssmi_description.html

Платформы DMSP-F08, DMSP-F10, DMSP-F11, DMSP-F13, DMSP-F14, DMSP-F15, DMSP-F17
Инструменты SSM/I, SSMIS
Уровень обработки L3