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Идентификатор продукта AVISO_NRT_MWIND_MERGED
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Based on NRT merged data.

To produce SLA and MSLA in real time and near-real time, the DUACS system uses two flows, based on the same instrumental measurements but with a different quality:

  • The IGDR that are the latest high-quality altimeter data produced in near-real-time.

  • The OGDR that includes real time data (OSTM/Jason-2 and Jason-1 OSDR) to complete IGDR. These fast delivery products do not always benefit from precise orbit determination, nor from somexternal model-based corrections (Dynamic Atmospheric Correction (DAC), Global Ionospheric Maps(GIM)). Integration of OGDR data and the introduction of Jason-2/Jason-1 tandem increased the resilience and precision of the system. A better restitution of ocean variability is observed, especially in high energetic areas.

High resolution Maps of Absolute Dynamic Topography (NRT-MADT) combining all satellites. No MADT files for Black Sea regional products.
High resolution Maps of geostrophic velocities anomalies derived from maps of Sea Level Anomaly combining all satellites.
High resolution maps of absolute geostrophic velocities derived from maps of Absolute Dynamic Topography combining all satellites. No such files for Black Sea and Mozambique area regional.

Source: http://laboratory.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/_persistent/hdbk_duacs.pdf?file=71-97&v=0&c=true

Источники данных aviso.oceanobs.com
Платформы Cryosat-2, JASON-1, OSTM/Jason-2, TOPEX/POSEIDON
Уровень обработки L4