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Идентификатор продукта AVISO_NRT_MSWH_MERGED
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Last 2 days of IGDR data available for each satellite. A merged map is generated if a minimum of 2 missions are available. Data are cross-calibrated using OSTM/Jason-2 as reference mission. First, sigma0 and waves histograms are calibrated, then the OSTM/Jason-2 wind algorithm is applied to crosscalibrated sigma0. Mapping method is then the same as for monomission maps. The resulting map may be improved in case of additional mission availability: in that situation a new map will be provided, replacing the "old" one. Based on NRT merged data.


Источники данных aviso.oceanobs.com
Платформы Cryosat-2, JASON-1, OSTM/Jason-2, TOPEX/POSEIDON
Уровень обработки L4