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Идентификатор продукта ASCAT-L2-12km
Каталог Гранулы

This dataset contains operational near-real-time Level 2 ocean surface wind vector retrievals from the Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) on MetOp-A at 12.5 km sampling resolution (note: the effective resolution is 25 km) provided by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) Ocean and Sea Ice Scatterometer Application Facility (OSI SAF). The wind vector retrievals are currently processed using the CMOD.n geophysical model function using a Hamming filter to spatially average the Sigma-0 data in the ASCAT L1B data. Each file is provided in netCDF version 3 format, and contains one full orbit derived from 3-minute orbit granules. Latency is approximately 2 hours from the latest measurement. The beginning of the orbit is defined by the first wind vector cell measurement within the first 3-minute orbit granule that starts north of the Equator in the ascending node. ASCAT is a C-band dual fan beam radar scatterometer providing two independent swaths of backscatter retrievals in sun-synchronous polar orbit aboard the MetOp-A platform.

Источник: PO.DAAC

Источники данных NOAA
Платформы METOP-A
Инструменты ASCAT
Уровень обработки L2
Пространственное разрешение 12km